First adventure of the year //

I’m always up for adventures and going on road trips, but with money been tight for everyone and with all of us having ‘grown up’ jobs now, it is beginning to become more difficult to organise anything.

Me and my friend Chris decided to make the most of the P&O ferry deal and do an over night mini cruise to Amsterdam, unfortunately it meant us only being there for a day. It also turned out, by pure coincidence that my favourite mam and dad Steph & Tom were also in Amsterdam at the same time as us.

I was a little apprehensive about being on a ferry, as the last time I was on one (when I was like eleven ha!) I freaked out and refused to move as I insisted I could feel the boat moving and the waves, even though it was calm. It wasn’t too bad, and the boat was like a very cheesy butlins.

As soon as we got off the ferry, the views were stunning. The bus to Amsterdam was beautiful, showing off some of the flat lands and the windmills. Then once we arrived at Amsterdam I was instantly in love, it is such a beautiful city. We got dropped off at Central Station, and that building alone is beautiful.


We then went straight to meet Tom and Steph, it was so great being there with them as well. I was in quiet a bit of pain so we stopped off in a cafe, me and Chris didn’t really make any solid plans of what we wanted to do, mainly because we was not there long and did not want to get disappointed by missing something.


I cannot wait to see these two marry, these two are the perfect couple and its so great to see them grow as a family and watch their little Behr grow up too.

We went to a cat shelter, which was on a boat on the canal. You can go visit from 1 – 3pm every day apart from Wednesdays and Sundays. It is run on donations and they look after so many cats. It was so adorable, and I was in complete shock that such a thing existed.

Me and Chris then left them to it, and we went to the FOAM exhibition to see the Jacques Henri Lartigue exhibition, it was incredible and it was so fascinating seeing a photographer who had begun photographing from the early age of six, till his death. Not only did you see how he improved, but you also got taken on a journey with the history of photography its self. Seeing how it grew and how the detailing changed. Film, even now looks better then digital. I cannot even describe why, the photographs just have a better feel to them. You also get such a feeling of accomplishment when you’ve taken photographs on film, digital is far too easy.

We then tried to go to the Van Gogh exhibition, which I was super excited about. When we got there, we discovered it was where the I AMsterdam sign was so obviously we had to be tourists and get a photo!


There was a man on the street creating giant bubbles by something that looked so DIY. Me and Chris got very distracted by it, taking photographs to the point did not end up having enough time to visit the Van Gogh museum without having to rush around. Knowing that I NEED to visit this wonderful city again, I thought it would be best to go when I have more time so I can truly enjoy seeing what the museum has to offer.

I feel as though I have only scratched the surface with Amsterdam, all the buildings are amazing and there is so much more I want to see, so I will definitely be heading back to this city at some point, and will be spending more then 6 hours there (this was a little disappointing as the website made out you got a lot more time!)

(This blog may get updated when Chris uploads some of his images!)

Here are some photographs I got while there:


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