Bank holiday blues//

So for the first time in my twenty three years on this planet (or so it seems!) this bank holiday I have had a weekend to myself, to do what I want and not had anything major booked in so I decided to make the most of it. With having Friday and Monday off, I have had four days to do things for me which is bizarre!

On the Friday, I was determined to go to the coast. I haven’t been in so long, as no matter what the weather I wanted to go. It was forecast to be great, and luckily it was. We didn’t get there till late as we got stuck in a lot of traffic. I didn’t take my camera, but I did take a disposable which I am yet to develop. I’ll pop in a few phone pictures!

Saturday went round to the girls house for catch ups and chinese food! I then went to a leaving party for my friend Chrish who is moving to Stoke to set up a new graphic design studio, good luck pal.

Sunday was Raw Meat all dayer at Belgrave and Headrow house. The line up was insane, and my best pals and one of my favourite bands were on the line up so I couldn’t miss it. Check it out:


The bands I saw were Calls Landing, Brawlers, Heck, The Xcerts and a little of Dinosaur Pile-Up.  It was a great day, full of so many friends and a few drinks.

I always love seeing the boys in Calls Landing play, I’ve grown up with them and we’ve all grown together as artists so I can’t help but be proud. Their album is incredible and being there through it all with them makes it even more special to me; their passion for music really shines through as they put their heart and soul into what they do. You can check out their album here.

I’d never seen Brawlers some how, they are always about so its a surprise I haven’t! But it was great finally seeing them and getting a few snaps of them. My friend Adam has been doing some video work for them so it was nice to be able to put the live music to the work he’s shown me.

While waiting for Heck, I was a little apprehensive as I’d heard so much about them, especially their performance. I heard they are absolutely nuts, and they was not wrong. The music is not really for me, but it was so great to see them do what they do incredibly. It was such a challenge to photograph, which always makes it fun as sometimes its too easy!

And finally, one of my favourite bands; The Xcerts. This will be the second time I’ve seen them live and once again they did not disappoint. The lighting in Headrow House always proves challenging as its so inconsistent but I feel I imagined to capture Murrays dreamy hair flicks and them putting on such a show, creating very emotion and beautiful feelings.

Such a great night, and I’m so glad I got to spend it with so many friends. All of us being together is so rare now so its always much more precious when we do. Today has been spent in my PJs, sorting out lots of business plans and organising my wedding portfolio. Exciting things ahead, hopefully to be sorted by the end of April! Having such a great weekend is definitely going to make going back to work a little harder, and I know looking at my diary there will not be another free weekend like this for a long while.


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