January adventure // Neon lights

There is something really cool about neon lights isn’t there?! I’ve always said if I ever get my own studio/office the first thing I want to purchase is a cool neon light. I have always loved lights and what you can do with light to capture cool photographs.

When we discovered there was an exhibition on in Blackpool with neon lights, I had to go. Me and Charlie headed there on my day off, it was a typical wet and windy west coast sort of day. Blackpool was foggy, the air was damp and my glasses were just constantly wet. We were so excited to get into the exhibition that we forgot to pay for parking – oops.

With not knowing what to expect when we arrived we headed straight to the exhibition. Charlie had never been to Blackpool so I said we should explore after. The exhibition had some really cool pieces, but unfortunately there was not that much there and the outdoor light on top of the building had to be switched off due to weather conditions which was a shame so it was quite a short visit to the exhibition.

After the exhibition, we paid for parking and headed down the front. It was super strange, as though we had gone back in time and with it being off-peak everything was shut. I’d love to go again when everything is open, all the lights look so good. Once it got dark even though not much was open it still looked awesome with it raining all day.

We got photos that I am super happy with, and we are thinking of turning this into a project. If anyone knows of any neon light exhibitions/fun fairs we can hit up please let me know.

Here are some of my favourites:



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